Welcome to different.

There’s a reason we’re called “Advanced” Parking Systems. We are constantly moving forward to improve our services and your bottom line. Privately owned and answering only to our customers, we have made parking a profit center for our customers for more than thirteen years, while providing a superior service experience for the end user. Here’s how:


Personal Service

Every contact with our people has the goal of expressing friendliness, care and extra attention. We call it going the extra mile. Your customers appreciate it and you get all the credit.


Custom Financial Packages

APS looks at parking services as an opportunity to increase your revenue while decreasing your costs. One-size-fits-all is not offered here. We find out exactly what you need and create a package with your financial priorities in mind.


Relationship Approach

Long-term relationships drive our success, and we have the track record to prove it. We take a big picture approach, looking at things from your perspective and keeping our focus on the long haul.


Who we are

Advanced Parking Systems is more than a parking service provider. We are a people company. Our people are our assets, and we invest in only the best. After all, the way our people meet, greet and interact with your guests has huge implications for your business. We provide service that is an asset for your business and your bottom line.


Anyone can take a set of keys and find a space for a car. Our hiring practices are different. We hire people based on personality and attitude. We search for outgoing individuals – people who smile naturally and project positive energy without conscious thought. We perform exhaustive background checks to provide assurance of responsible, reliable performance. Further, our people are rigorously trained and monitored. They understand that every request is an opportunity to be helpful and provide that extra attention and assistance that builds trust and loyalty.


We are also a green company. We are electronic everything: communications, reports and payroll. We conserve water, power, lighting and fuel – turning off vehicle engines while waiting for guests, to conserve fuel and reduce emissions. We recycle wherever possible, including paper, plastic and glass. We also think green in our purchasing decisions, choosing the most energy efficient equipment and supplies.


Advanced Parking Systems  |  544 Mateo Street, Third Floor  |  Los Angeles, CA 90013  |  213 628 9500